It all goes back to a rather dreadful practice dating back to ancient times in England, coming from an ancient maritime superstition, a story of sacrifice to attract the good graces of the divinities…

Anyway, over time, only the joyful part of this superstition has been retained, and champagne bubbles have become a way of wishing all new boats good luck!

That’s what we had the pleasure of experiencing last Saturday: Fabrice Amedeo and Andreas Baden Imoca 60 tasted champagne when it was christened, in the presence of Christophe Béchu, French Minister for Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, in the presence of all partners and the many members of the public who turned out for the occasion.

Godspeed to this new boat, a symbol of Fabrice’s resilience following his last shipwreck, of passion and of its fierce determination to bring its sporting and scientific project to fruition.

Despite the postponement of the start due to poor weather conditions, we wish both skippers the best of luck, strength, recklessness and success: the #guillin team will be supporting them from dry land!