Challenge emballages écoresponsable SCAPMAREE E. LECLERC : 1er prix dans la catégorie des barquettes libre-service pour notre MAPTIPACK 100 % PET issu du recyclage à 85 % dont une partie en Prevented Ocean Plastic >>> https://bit.ly/3wR3rha Learn about our mono material MAPTIPACK trays made from 100% recyclable rPET, available as PREVENTED OCEAN PLASTIC packaging for fish, red meat and poultry Learn about our latest innovation: DUALIPACK, the uniquely designed to be the first easily separable cardboard-PET tray, with no glue or adhesive. Learn about our rPET and cardboard packaging solutions for fruit & vegetable
DYNAPLAST, a member of the GUILLIN Group, European market leader in eco-designed food packaging solutions, is a manufacturing company (extrusion/thermoforming) based at Saint-Florentin in the region of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France.

DYNAPLAST, a member of the GUILLIN Group, European market leader in eco-designed food packaging solutions, is a manufacturing company (extrusion/thermoforming) based at Saint-Florentin in the region of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France. With a reputation for expertise and bringing innovative solutions to the market, DYNAPLAST is behind many of the packaging solutions in general use today. Its strength is also in its extremely responsive customer service, reflecting the GUILLIN Group philosophy and in its highly dedicated sales team that has enabled it to focus on the fruit and vegetable packaging market as well as on the food industry. DYNAPLAST also manufactures packaging solutions for other group companies that are active in the institutional catering market. In addition, it sells reels of high-quality plastic foils to embedded manufacturers.

DYNAPLAST’s products are fully recyclable, reusable or compostable and available in stock all year round. Carrying the ALTER ECO RECYCLE, ALTER ECO RE-USE or ALTER ECO BIO labels, all of the packaging solutions are innovative and responsible and guarantee the most secure protection for your food.

BP 128 - ZI - Rue Just Meisonasse - 89600 Saint-Florentin - France

+33 (0)3 86 43 81 00

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Climate change, CO2 emissions and their impact on our planet are the most important topic confronting us today. Our commitment to the environment thus has one objective: to produce fully responsible packaging with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint to the absolute minimum. Therefore, we strive constantly to combine the needs of protection of the environment with protection of people, ensuring that the actions we take on behalf of one do not negatively impact the other.


We participate actively in current debates seeking to strengthen the plastic packaging collection and recycling streams, as shown by our partnership with the Paprec group. More recently we entered into an exclusive partnership in Europe with Prevented Ocean PlasticTM to incorporate quality recycled plastic in our PET packaging, using recyclable materials collected from the most at-risk Indonesian coastlines. Through our actions we also hope to raise awareness among consumers of the need to become responsible citizens.


We want to reduce our environmental impact, become fully integrated in a circular economy and to make a real contribution through specific actions.

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Bienvenue à GAULT & FRÉMONT !

Welcome to GAULT & FRÉMONT !

Le Groupe GUILLIN renforce son activité carton/papier avec l’acquisition du Groupe GAULT & FRÉMONT.

The GUILLIN Group strengthens its cardboard/paper business with the acquisition of the GAULT & FRÉMONT Group.

DESIPACK : l’art d’emballer les sushis

DESIPACK: Sushi Packing is an Art

Découvrez DESIPACK, la solution d’emballage idéale pour sushis, écoresponsable, fiable et pratique.

Discover DESIPACK, the Ultimate Sushi Packaging Solution, ecofriendly, safe and practical.

LUXIFOOD : pépite de la boulangerie !

LUXIFOOD: bakery product of the year!

La LUXIFOOD 900 ml est lauréate du Trophée des Pépites de la Boulangerie 2021.

LUXIFOOD 900 ml is the winner of the "Pépites de la Boulangerie 2021" award.

Echanges avec un Chef étoilé

Discussions with a Michelin-starred Chef

Pendant le confinement, nous avons eu le plaisir de collaborer avec le Chef Nicolas Carro, une étoile au guide Michelin.

During the lockdown, we had the pleasure of working together with Chef Nicolas Carro, one Michelin star.

La 1re barquette F&L en RPET « POP »

First F&V tray made in "POP" RPET

Pour emballer son raisin de manière écoresponsable, l’AOP Muscat du Ventoux a choisi la GRAPIPACK de DYNAPLAST.

To package its grapes in an eco-responsible manner, the AOP Muscat du Ventoux has chosen GRAPIPACK by DYNAPLAST.