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On June 30, 2021, GAULT & FRÉMONT joined the GUILLIN Group. More information in the press release published that day:

Gault & Frémont and UI Investissement: a 6-year entrepreneurial adventure that will blow you away!


GAULT ET FRÉMONT, a member of the GUILLIN Group, European market leader in eco-designed food packaging solutions, is a manufacturing company based at Saint-Pierre-des-Corps in the Centre-Val de Loire region of France.

Since 1850, GAULT ET FRÉMONT is the undisputed partner of the entire food industry: artisan bakers, caterers, supermarkets, fast-food restaurants, food manufacturers and millers, with a wide range of products for take-away and snacking. They offer pastry boxes, pastry racks, paper bags with or without windows, packaging paper and baking products/solutions. The company has developed strong commercial links with various customers, with whom it maintains partnership relations based on trust, professionalism and quality.
In line with the GUILLIN Group’s approach, GAULT ET FRÉMONT is a major supplier of responsible packaging solutions, with products that are fully recyclable or fully compostable and available in stock all year round.
All of the packaging solutions are innovative, made in France and guarantee the best protection for your food.

Discover their wide range of products here:

16, rue des Yvaudières - CS70021 - 37705 Saint-Pierre-des-Corps Cedex - France

+33 (0)2 47 32 37 37



Climate change, CO2 emissions and their impact on our planet are the most important topic confronting us today. Our commitment to the environment thus has one objective: to produce fully responsible packaging with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint to the absolute minimum. Therefore, we strive constantly to combine the needs of protection of the environment with protection of people, ensuring that the actions we take on behalf of one do not negatively impact the other.

We participate actively in current debates seeking to strengthen the plastic packaging collection and recycling streams, as shown by our partnership with the Paprec group. More recently we entered into an exclusive partnership in Europe with Prevented Ocean PlasticTM to incorporate quality recycled plastic in our PET packaging, using recyclable materials collected from the most at-risk Indonesian coastlines. Through our actions we also hope to raise awareness among consumers of the need to become responsible citizens.

We want to reduce our environmental impact, become fully integrated in a circular economy and to make a real contribution through specific actions.

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