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Découvrez LUXIPACK, la SOLUTION boulangerie-pâtisserie et traiteur, ESTHÉTIQUE et RESPONSABLE :

Learn about CRUDIPACK and POKEPACK, our organic solutions made from pulp for presentation of poke bowls, salads and cold dishes:

GUILLIN EMBALLAGES, the founding member of the GUILLIN Group, European market leader in eco-designed food packaging solutions, is a manufacturing company (extrusion/thermoforming) based at Omans in the region of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France.

With cutting-edge concepts and packaging solutions that remain the most popular among modern food distributors, GUILLIN EMBALLAGES was the first company to design and manufacture at scale, standardised, multi-material packaging made primarily from recyclable and recycled materials and distribute it from stock throughout Europe. The company’s high-performance equipment, ultra-responsive logistics operation, fully integrated production process and international sales and distribution have enabled it to become the undisputed market leader for transparent confectionery and delicatessen boxes for supermarkets & hypermarkets and agrifood industry.

Through its export department and branches GUILLIN ESPANA, GUILLIN ITALIA and GUILLIN PORTUGAL, GUILLIN EMBALLAGES emphasises its European credentials on behalf of consumers throughout major retail, with a large range of fully recyclable, fully reusable or fully compostable products that are available in stock all year round. Carrying the ALTER ECO RECYCLE, ALTER ECO RE-USE or ALTER ECO BIO labels, all of the packaging solutions are innovative and responsible and guarantee the most secure protection for your food.

ZI - BP 89 - 25290 Ornans - France

Tél. +33 (0)3 81 40 23 00 +33 (0)3 81 40 23 00

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Climate change, CO2 emissions and their impact on our planet are the most important topic confronting us today. Our commitment to the environment thus has one objective: to produce fully responsible packaging with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint to the absolute minimum. Therefore, we strive constantly to combine the needs of protection of the environment with protection of people, ensuring that the actions we take on behalf of one do not negatively impact the other.

We participate actively in current debates seeking to strengthen the plastic packaging collection and recycling streams, as shown by our partnership with the Paprec group. More recently we entered into an exclusive partnership in Europe with Prevented Ocean PlasticTM to incorporate quality recycled plastic in our PET packaging, using recyclable materials collected from the most at-risk Indonesian coastlines. Through our actions we also hope to raise awareness among consumers of the need to become responsible citizens.

We want to reduce our environmental impact, become fully integrated in a circular economy and to make a real contribution through specific actions.

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Nos initiatives environnementales

Our initiatives for the environment

Nos sociétés s’engagent au quotidien en faveur de l’environnement par des actions concrètes.

Our companies are committed to the environment on a daily basis through concrete actions.

LUXIFOOD : L’atout vente à emporter

LUXIFOOD : The take-away solution

Découvrez la gamme LUXIFOOD, 100% recyclable et personnalisable, issue de ressource responsable certifiée FSC.

Discover LUXIFOOD range, 100% recyclable and customizable, made from a responsible FSC-certified resource.

Prevented Ocean Plastic en linéaire

Shelves of Prevented Ocean Plastic

Quand notre engagement environnemental devient réalité produit : fiers de notre MAPTIPACK en version Prevented Ocean Plastic.

When our environmental commitment becomes reality: proud of our MAPTIPACK in Prevented Ocean Plastic.

Le Prevented Ocean Plastique inspire !

Inspiring Prevented Ocean Plastic!

L’artiste Aurora Robson donne une seconde vie au plastique des océans sous forme de sculptures et de peintures 3D.

The artist Aurora Robson gives a second life to ocean plastic in the form of sculptures and 3D paintings.

Le plastique : responsable ?

Is plastic sustainable ?

Souvent critiqué pour son impact environnemental, le plastique se révèle être un matériau plus responsable qu’il n’y parait.

Often criticized for its environmental impact, plastic is proving to be a more responsible material than it seems.