Recyclable hybrid confectionery box
High-visibility packaging for irresistible pastries.


The GUILLIN Group has been well established in the hypermarket and supermarket sector (all chains) and associated trades (bakery, fresh cut produce, delicatessen) since 1972. With almost 50 years of product development and partnership with customers, we have created a strong shared culture.

Our secret is based on three facets: quality, product range, customer service.

Our very large product ranges cover all requirements (boxes for cold use, boxes for hot use, sealable trays, etc.) with an array of different materials (PET, rPET, CPET, PP, PS, cardboard, pulp, paper, PLA).

Our excellent customer service is underpinned by stocks of more than 5,000 individual reference products, allowing every order submitted before midday to be shipped the same day.

Export and delivery from stock are supported by GUILLIN subsidiaries in each country: GUILLIN Polska, KIV and SHARPAK all manufacture and distribute ranges adapted to the requirements and cultures of the countries they serve.


Our priority is to protect food and people. Our packaging ensures the security and hygiene of its contents in the face of external factors, such as contamination, cold, heat, light, theft, etc., from production to the consumer’s table.


Our solutions are designed to combine good looks and functionality, so that prepared foods are shown off at their best and to create value from their appearance Stackable and extremely resistant, they create an organised, communicative and impactful impression.


Our packaging is recyclable, reusable or compostable. We use at least 30% rPET in our PET packaging. And the cardboard packaging that we manufacture is eco-designed on the basis of virgin material.


LUXIPACK confectionery box

A hybrid cardboard and plastic solution that is recyclable and ensures maximum visibility of the product. Robust and with a secure closure, the products inside are protected from production through to the consumer’s table. The cardboard base can be placed in a conventional oven and can also be used as a practical and rigid serving plate.

LUXIFOOD deli box

LUXIFOOD is the responsible hybrid solution for take-away snacks. Its transparent rPET lid highlights the product while the cardboard base is made from virgin pulp that can be microwaved and customised on orders from 20,000 items. The secure closure provides optimum protection to your food.

FRESHIPACK salad box

The premium solution for meals on the go With the option of a separate or hinged lid, it can be adapted to all uses. The secure closure guarantees a perfect fit. This packaging’s unique, pared back design ensures it fits snugly in the hand, whatever format you choose. It is available in fully recycled materials.


Plastic, cardboard or hybrid confectionery boxes to highlight your products responsibly. Salad boxes and snack boxes for cold food on the go. Microwavable trays for hot use. Sealable trays for meat, fish and cheese.

items in stock


  • Bags, lace, scalloped and gold holders, liners
  • Trays
  • Sealable trays
  • Round containers with separate lid
  • Round containers with attached lid
  • Boxes with separate lid
  • Boxes with attached lid


  • Trays
  • Sealable trays
  • Round containers with separate lid
  • Round containers with attached lid
  • Boxes with separate lid
  • Boxes with attached lid


  • Baking paper, cardboard or paper moulds
  • Trays without covers
  • Sealable trays
  • Round containers with separate lid
  • Boxes with separate lid
  • Boxes with attached lid


  • Sealable trays


LUXIFOOD has a great design with a perfect closure. With a side pane that highlights the value of prepared food. A premium box, 100% made in France.

PMB, packaging distributor, Marseille, France

I love how easy it is to use the FOOD K tray. It has a quality design that is highly appreciated by customers, especially in terms of customisation. I use it for all of our hot and cold meals.
The trays are high quality and strong. Made in France, they are very robust and reliable.

Managing Director of O’Gourmandises, Caussade, France

Responsiveness, professional rigour and quality of service with a real-life contact who knows his job.

Despite the highly unstable supply-chain environment, the GUILLIN Group stood out in every respect for its reliability and its ability to find solutions to maintain a stable supply rhythm, which enabled us to continue to deliver to our customers on time.
The family business philosophy comes into its own here, making communication and the search for solutions much easier.

As a producer of industrial pastries, the GUILLIN Group is undoubtedly one of our partners of choice for our day-to-day operations.


Co-General Manager, Avian Biscuiterie, Belgium